During the election, my Facebook feed was filled with grief, and liberal views. But, every once in awhile, a conservative post would pop up. I know, right? I have conservative friends? Who knew? Some of the posts were invalid and had no evidence to back them up, while others were simply a different view.

Now, the posts that vex me were the ones that came from “Christian” people. I have some family members and 2nd-degree friends who love to post about God. Everyday it’s about God. It’s a post about a Bible saying, or how God’s love is good. Same thing…everyday…everyday. While it gets annoying because it’s the same message, I appreciated that their love for God made them happy. If they are exuding happiness, then who I am to take that away from them?

Yet, they were happy that someone who hates everyone was elected. All of sudden their “child of God” messages became lies on Facebook feed. If you are truly a “child of God,” then aren’t you suppose to love all his children? Isn’t that the thing your post stated, like I don’t know, a week ago?

I was disappointed in these people. They found something that made them happy, but at the expense of others. They just want their fellow “children of God” to be Christians, married and hetrosexual.

Finally, anyone can Google search a “Christian” Bible verse and post it on Facebook. Why not show people that your love for God has made you a productive member of society? Feed the homeless, read to children that are not your own, clean up a local park, make your church a place that is welcoming to the LGBT community, befriend someone who practices Islam, just do something.

The majority of my friends who give back to the community are not ones in church on Sunday. They use their voice and talents to help their local and global communities. Taking attendance in church and then not doing anything is like going to school and not doing the homework. You are a C-, D+ student. Congrats, you may graduate.

Whatever religion you practice, don’t use it to hate others. Religion has spent years trying to overcome the stigma that it is just a fear tactic. If you truly believe you are a child of God, then show me. Remember a picture is worth a thousands word.

Hugs and Smiles,