Ya Veremos is a Pantelion Films film, staring, Mauricio Ochmann and Fernanda Castillo that tackles family, divorce, and childhood.

Ya Veremos deals with a recently divorced couple, Rodrigo and Alejandra. Alejandra is newly engaged to a charming, wealthy man, Enrique played by Erik Hayser. While Rodrigo has thrown himself into his work as a respected doctor in the top hospital in Mexico City.

The couple has an 11-year-old son, Santi played by Emiliano Aramayo. Rodrigo picks up Santi from Alejandra new house. He starts to notice his son’s sight is off. From hitting the window because he thought the window was open to using his hands to guide him along the walls. He has a fellow doctor check him and it turns out his son has juvenile glaucoma. A condition that can lead to permeant blindness. However, there is a surgery that could help.

With this news, Rodrigo and Alejandra put aside their hurt feelings from their divorce and go on bucket list adventure with their son. They set out to do all the things he wants to see before the surgery. The list includes driving, water skiing and to see real-life women breasts. Rodrigo actually gets a girl that likes him to jump in the shower and then tells his son to turn off the sink, and boom, breast. Yes, is it a moral gray area as parents. But shoot if your child might go blind and wants to see breasts. You find breasts. That’s the parent code.

Before the screening, Epifania sat down with the stars to discuss their roles in the all-time second-best opening weekend box office for a Mexican film.

Epifania: The movie deals with tackling essentially, a bucket list. Where there acting bucket list things you tackled.

Castillo: I was really scared to go into the water. I have a fear of water in my face. I just think I would stop breathing. They came with a double, but I told them, “no I am Santi’s mother, and I will do it.”

Ochmann: There is a scene where the put a python on my shoulders. I wanted a stuntman for that, but they shot it too close, so I had to do. I don’t like snakes.

Epifania: Your chemistry is noticeable. You not only are playing a married couple but a couple that is living life after the divorce. Did you just build that chemistry over the years of working together?

Castillo: We are friends. We have worked together in so many roles. So, we have a lot to base this relationship in. We thought about Alejandra and Rodrigo before the split and how they will be if they get back together.

Ochmann: She’s an amazing actress. She’s an amazing friend. To work with her {Castillo}

Epifania: The movie deals a lot with marriage, divorce and raising a child. However, in real life, no one gives you a manual for those moments. What emotions did you want to portray in this role?

Ochmann: The realness of it. That’s what we build. That’s what we want to show from the beginning. The director showed us how to approach the relationship and the partnership.

Castillo: The characters are human. They make mistakes, they want to solve them and they don’t know how. With those things, {marriage, divorce, parenthood} you are learning every day and you will make mistakes.

Ya Veremos opens in the United States on August 31st. Just in time for your Labor Day date night.


Editor’s Note: All Ya Veremos photos are credited to Pantelion Films and were gifted to us.