landscape-1529831_1920As a kid, I lived in the country. While, most people would find that joyful I on the other hand, saw a murderous ground. I mean, how many scary movies had the killer in the woods? I hated sleeping alone in my room in the dark. I would sneak into my siblings’ room and sleep at the end of their beds. My younger sister would kick me off, but bless my little brother, he let me sleep at the end of his bed.

In addition to my fear of the dark, I have an active imagination. An imagination that helps my creative side, hence the magazine. Movies and television shows have a weird way of creeping into my dreams. Even as a child, I couldn’t read Goosebumps stories as the covers scared me.

My dreams have always been vivid and I can remember them for years. When I wake from a very vivid dream, I instantly pat Nick’s body to remind myself that it was just a dream.

As an adult, I have fought my fear of the dark. I’ve made sure that I lived in apartments in cities, so that there are witnesses to my murder.


Nick has had to make sure that I don’t watch crime shows (yes, crime shows) when he is gone. He once came home from a guys night out to find me asleep in the bed with the light on and a knife under the bed. He smiled, called me a dork and gently put the knife away. That was the end of me watching Criminal Minds or Law and Order when he is gone.

Now, in recent years there have been a slew of horror movies. People go out and watch them and are fascinated by them, but I don’t see the joy. I cannot get into stories about eating people, torturing people or a family being haunted.

As you can tell, Halloween is not my cup of tea. I don’t like the horror movies or the scary costumes. So, I’m going to sit on my couch and watch Christmas movies and wait for peppermint cookies.

Hugs and Smiles,