As we all know, there are multiple “grown-ups” out there running to lead this country. Why? Because somewhere along the line, their parents told them they were special way too many times. So if you don’t know by now, I vote Democrat. Always have, always will. It’s not like I agree with everything Democrats do, it’s just their views are more aligned with my own.

presidential 1

But I am not excited about any of the presidential candidates. If anything, I am little scared. On one side, if a certain Republican win, I have to live in a country where I feel my leader doesn’t respect me or my views. Why would a Republican president not like me? Oh let me tell you:

  • I am in an interracial marriage.
  • I believe in marriage equality.
  • The majority of my nieces and nephews are bi-racial.
  • I support Planned Parenthood.
  • I believe in gun control.
  • I think every religion including Islam is beautiful.
  • I’m Catholic, not Christian.
  • I am excited about rebuilding ties with Cuba! I mean, I can travel to Cuba during my lifetime. 🙂
  • Oh, and I am Mexican.

So as you can see, Republicans and I are bound to be frenemies. I say this half joking, but with a grain of seriousness. My views and the views of my friends will be disregarded. We will live in a land where everyone needs to be Christian, own a gun, believe in heterosexual nuclear families, and question everything else.

I know I sound somewhat cynical regarding this is subject, but I feel their beliefs will breed and grow systematically, influencing younger generations. I fear that racism will grow and that my nieces and nephews will have to live in a land where they will be less well-regarded by their leader because they are bi-racial.

Now if a Democrat wins, life may be simpler. But will the big issues be fought? No. I don’t think either Democratic presidential candidate will have the strength to stand up on big issues. To use their power and influence as an executive and make some strides on social issues that we still face as a country. I mean seriously they seem like the kids in the yards, where you can easily steal their lunch money, punch them in the face, and have them do your homework. Lame.

Of course, I am well aware, that there are people in this country who feel that their views have been disregarded and are excited about a new voice. I also know racism has become more overt since Obama has been president, which is quite fucken disheartening.

Our country needs some TLC and I don’t think any of the presidential candidates have what it takes. We need to address the mass shootings, the student loan debt, universal healthcare, and the change in America’s demographics. We have more and more people with degrees which is great, but we are still living in a country that hasn’t used this talent to develop more “white-collar” jobs.

I know that being president of the United States is probably the toughest job in the world. You can’t please everyone. You have to make deals with people you would rather never meet again. But all I ask for is a president that gives a fuck, and has some courage.