IMAG1553Ever since I was a kid, I have wanted to get my master’s. I finally started on that goal, in January 2014.  I debated for a long time, about three years, on what to study. I could continue my education in communication, go back to my love of creative writing, or maybe do journalism.


I never thought I would get an MBA – be in a room full of business people who just care about the bottom line, or work in groups with tech people who are full of themselves because they can code and build computers. I would rather get my blood drawn every day for the rest of my life then deal with those self righteous idiots. I know, I know, I had some biases.

But my lovely husband started his MBA program before me. I met some of his classmates who were business people who actually cared about humankind. It was a mind blowing moment.

Then I started to write more, and build up Epifania. I took a long look at my strengths and weakness. I had a good amount of soft skills: communication, relationship building, empathy, etc. But I needed more knowledge of marketing, finance and accounting. I decided I would get an MBA. Worse case scenario it would give me an opportunity to practice patience with bottom line thinkers.

Trust me, sometimes I wish I was in a creative writing class. Talking about imagery and dissecting each other’s work, instead of discussing the five components of time money value.img (15)


By doing something I originally didn’t want to do I found out some new things about myself. I learned that I could be the decision marker in a group. That I prefer economics over accounting. Why anyone would actually likes accounting, I am still figuring out. I guess the world needs those people and I need a drink when I am around those people. Win-win for everyone. 🙂 (Love you guys!)

Don’t be afraid to give new things a chance. You might learn a thing or two about yourself.

Hugs and Smiles,