The holiday season is upon. It is December 4th, you know what that means, we will be attending numerous workplace holiday parties, meetup group parties, and a friends get together. Regardless of with whom will you be socializing during the holiday season, one thing is for certain. You will be attending some sort of white elephant party.

Here is a gift guide for White Elephant Party.

  1. A bottle of wine WITH wine glasses. It is simple to grab a $5 dollar bottle of wine; however, if you add some glasses to go with it, you will have given that lucky person an entire set. You can go a step forward, and get plastic tumbler glasses that can be used for picnics.  
  2. A classic novel. A novel most people know about such as Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes, Emma, and so on. Even if the person that receives it isn’t a reader, they can gift it to a reader they know.
  3. Gift card for a general store. A $30 gift card for Target, Walgreens, or Wal-Mart will help them stock up on everyday items for the holidays.
  4. Gift card for a retail store. If you want to give a gift card for let’s say, Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom, or even Calvin Klein, you must give at least $50 so they can get at least one thing.

Here are a couple more items that could work, depending on your white elephant group closeness and budget.

  1. Undershirts, socks and undies. If the group is a close group of friends or a Meetup Group, then yes this is a great gift. Everyone needs these things.
  2. Tickets to a local game. Most people like to attend games, even if they don’t like the sport, they will go for the gathering.

It is a white elephant party and you will not know specifically who will be giving a gift to. Just because your gift is going to the general party, doesn’t mean it has to be a general gift.