I am gearing up for a very busy crazy 2013. Lucky for me, my wedding checklist is becoming smaller and graduate school applications are almost done. But my greatest joy right now is taking a leap of faith in myself. My dearest friends know that since age

 12 I have always wanted to be a writer. But with life and adulthood, dreams fade and change. Bills pile up, career paths go up and down, shoot…life just happens.

But after some serious mediation and to be honest some serious “where is my life going?” cry sessions. I decided that I must move forward. To stay still and become a person I never wanted to be was starting to become old. I hate being sad, it’s really no fun and it’s oh so tiring.

I started to write down my ideas and plans for my own magazine. I know traditional media is dying and that writing doesn’t always mean big bucks.  But dammit, I owe this to my 12-year-old self. I started to reach out to people I can gain wisdom and knowledge from, figured out who I would like as editors and co-founders, starting writing down companies that can be advertisers, etc. Yes, I am just in the planning phases and yes I have a million other things to do but I refuse to give up. I am very excited to see where this can and will go.

Thank you all who have believed in me. I really want to take this time out to say a big thank you to my Nicholas. The love of my life. He loves every article and blog post I write. Smiles when I tell him my ideas and when I want to eat my ice cream and read Vanity Fair alone in the room, he lets me be. Then when I am done crying gives me some wine and the best hug ever. Really, babe, I couldn’t have done any of this without you.

So with love, faith, and my thirst to always learn something new I begin my journey.

Happy Holidays! I truly do wish you all a wonderful life. May happiness always find you.