We live in a time when “Netflix and chill”, is a sly way to say, “let’s fuck.” When people as young as 18 now date by swiping left or right. All of this makes the romantic junkie in me cry.

Dating is on it’s deathbed and I think we all need to bring it back to life. Now don’t get me wrong, “Netflix and chill”, can be fun but if you do that all the time, you won’t meet your soulmate.

Some of you may not want to meet your soulmate yet, but as human beings we are programmed to partner up. From the caveman days when we needed a partner to live to biblical times when we needed a partner to reproduce. We don’t need a partner to do either of those things now, but we all walk this path in which we want to end our days with someone we care about.


Dating used to be a sweet thing where people would go out to dinner, to a movie, to a game,enjoy each others’ company, and, get this…TALK. It’s that thing you do, when you are not looking at your phone.



What has killed dating? Well a few things. First the invention of the mobile phone. Your whole life is at your fingertips. There is always something better to do, something better to interact with and someone better to talk to. Then the invention of dating apps because people were complaining that dating has become too hard and we needed algorithms to help us find our partners. Now some dating apps have created some amazing couples, shoot I am going to a wedding this year for a couple who met on Match.com. But how often does that happen? Finally the main suspect in dating’s death, was human nature. Human nature was the one that pulled the tail of the trigger. We have become consumed with ourselves, our lives and our time. We are always on the go now and rarely so hi to each other.

Yet most of my friends that are in relationships met their partner at work, through friends, at school or at the gym. They met their special person at a common space. Yet, people still refuse to look up from their phones and say hi to the person working out next to them. You would rather create a profile on Coffee Meets Bagel then actually grab a coffee and a bagel with the cute digital marketer that sits two cubicles down from you. Yup, makes total sense? What was I thinking? Please disregard this whole article.

Remember, most things that happen to you in life happen because  you caused them to happen. So if your dating life sucks, it’s because you want it to suck. You may have emotional walls, mental walls, or physical walls up, (I don’t know where you live so maybe you have a fort around your house). Let your guard down, look up, and put your phone away. Then ask that guy you have been checking out on an actual date. One where you two can talk. You deserve some good company.

Dating Ideas:

  • Walk in the park followed by breakfast: Walking is peaceful and relaxing. So if you are relaxed, you tend to open up more. Plus breakfast tends to be cheaper than dinner so if you are on a budget, it’s the best meal option. This is a great date for a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Cafe with spoken word or singing: For the creative types out there, find a cute cafe that has a spoken word artist. You can enjoy you favorite beverage and free art.
  • Game night: A sports game is an amazing date. Make sure your date likes sports or knows how important it is to you.
  • Urban walk: Meet up in part of the city and just walk around. Pick a place to eat, stop into a bookstore, or bar. Just make a day of it.

Hugs and Smiles,