I am a fan of social media. Actually, I am a lover of social media. It is amazing that we have all these tools to help us get our message across. However I have seen time and time again, people misusing my passion. People who still think social media is a kids toy.  Here is a collection of my favorite social media naysayers statements.

“I can just get a high schooler to do my social media.” – A youth can post. However, they may not have the skill set to know what your brand is, or how to read the analytics. So you may have pretty pictures but then what.

“We don’t need to be on social media.” – Some industries are quite conservative. Therefore they think they need a presence. However, every marketplace is changing, and people find information on social media.

“I’m not on social media.” – Some people in management, believe because they are not on social media personally, that it’s not worth it. Similar to statement two, some people believe if social media is not apart of their lives, it doesn’t matter.

“It doesn’t work.” – People want to see instant money, connections, business opportunities from social media. However, one must build a trusting relationship on social media to get it to work. It takes time.

Social media is not a kids toy. However, sometimes you can’t change people’s mind. So if you love social media as much as I do, keep working at it, keep learning new skills, and let the naysayers stay in the dark.