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Yes, you read that title right. I learned something from a concert. I know, I know…it’s a concert. But hear me out. A few weeks ago, Nick and I had a date night at the Kelly Clarkson concert. We are not the biggest fans of the first winner of American Idol. We enjoy her music but she is not a priority on our Spotify lists.

After we finished our over-priced beers, we made our way to our seats. The crowd was a mix of joyous teenagers, young adults, seniors, and families. Which, right off the bat, told me that her music is “family friendly.” In this day and age, that’s hard to find.

The opening act, Pentatonix, came onstage. A group of 5 self proclaimed “choir nerds”. I have never heard of them but apparently they are a big sensation. Like most big sensations, they were first introduced to the world by YouTube. These five young people possessed wonderful voices and talent. To say I was blown away would be an understatement. I was caught off guard. How come I had never heard of them before? The first thing I learned was that I need to expand my taste buds in music. I need to ask people what they are listening to more often.

Then the wonderful Kelly Clarkson came onstage. Her wide smile is contagious and filled with warmth. She really knows how to put her audience at ease. Throughout the whole performance she acknowledged other artists. She brought an up-and-coming artist to the stage. This young woman sang a difficult Whitney Houston song. Most artists wouldn’t want to share the stage with other people but Kelly is more than happy to share the spotlight. She even did a song with Pentatonix.

She then shared personal stories about her childhood and started to cry during a song, which just shows her heart. Throughout her whole set, I learned another lesson: give artists a second chance because you might just be pleasantly surprised.

Now, let’s all get out there and dance our little hearts out.


Hugs and Smiles,


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