There are lots of pictures of me and Nick in our apartment, our parents’ houses, and on social media.  When you look at the pictures, you probably notice what everyone notices….a white dude and a dark girl. Most people know I am Latina, but I have been mistaken for being Italian or Indian. Needless to say, you know that Nick and I are two different races.

We know we are blessed because we have never received any racial slurs or dirty looks. Maybe it’s because we live in California. Maybe it’s because our friends are not idiots. Maybe it’s because racism is stupid and we aren’t stupid. We grew up in the same class; the middle class, so we have similar backgrounds, education and economic status.

The fact that we come from different racial backgrounds was not too big of a hurdle in our relationship, but there is the one thing that truly underlines our differences.

I may be American, but I’m Mexican-American. I’m Latina. Our upbringing is a little bit different than “White” America.


Here is the difference: The Latin culture raises its kids to not show off. You keep your successes to yourself. You go to college, you start a business, your kids win medals, you do not share because then you are showing off. Everything is meant to better the family and not you. This contradicts modern times when you share everything on social media and America is all about “look at me…it’s all about me…just me”. I am also female, which means I wasn’t conditioned to ask for things, especially in Latin culture.

Nick grew up a white male in America. He basically was raised to ask for anything. You are supposed to climb the success ladder and there are no excuses. Your successes are what make you you. You are proud of yourself and you want people to know it. Everything is meant to better yourself.


This is what we have learned from each other: I have learned from him to speak up, to be proud of myself and that my successes are to be displayed, but not as a way to show off. If people scoff at them, they are just jealous. Nick has learned that sometimes, you have to eat humble pie. You are not going to be the best at everything. But people won’t love you any less because you didn’t earn $150,000 last year.

At the end of the day, I am proud to be half of an interracial couple. It’s just awesome! Now off to cuddle with my Irish/German/French mutt. Cheers to all the current and future TOMORROW BABIES! 😉

Hugs and Smiles,