At Google Developer Days in Poland, I attended a session about apps. It was meant for developers and focused on coding and analytics. I attended the session, with the hope that I will learn something useful for the app, I want to create for the magazine. A point that stuck out to me was that if you want your app to get a 5-star rating, you need speed, design, and usability.

Speed is important to the app user. Think about it, if you click on a button within the app, you want the screen to pop up. If you have to wait more than 10 seconds, you will get upset. Yes, we can get into how society needs to learn how to slow down, but that’s another article. People value their time the most, if you are wasting their time with a slow app, they will get upset.

Design is not just pretty colors or graphics. No, the design has to relate to your brand and your audience. One of the simplest design is Spotify app. I mean, the app uses just black and green. White text on black and it changes to green when you are playing it. Black is a color that signifies edgy, sophistication, and power. While green is about money, financial, stability and nature. It’s simply a beautiful app.

The last point, usability is the most important. Well, at least to me. I have downloaded so many Instagram regram apps, which have not worked, it is annoying. I like to think, I am a smart person, but if I am fighting with myself to figure out how to use your app, I will hate you and your team. Simple things, like the “back” button, or the “home” button, need to be easily spotted. If a person can’t use your app, they will uninstall it.

Google Play is making it easier and easier for you to read the analytics for your app. So really, there is no excuse for creating a horrible app.