dsc_0288It is always a nice pleasure to explore your neighborhood. This past Labor Day weekend, Nick and I decided to stay local. We went exploring and what did we find? To our surprise, urban wineries. There are about 10 of them in our neighborhood. The best part about it is that all of these wineries reside in West Oakland, an area where there is plenty of street parking. You can create your own trail, but here is the trail we took.


Pros: Waterfront views, full food menu, and gracious staff.
Cons: Their tasting fee is $20, which is a bit pricey for a tasting.
What You Need To Know: They pour heavy so that one tasting can be shared between two people.


Cerruti Cellars:

Pros: It’s spacious. You can have an event there and easy parking.
Cons: They tend to focus on red wines, which is fine for me; but, for white wine lovers, maybe not. Their tasting is $20 as well, so maybe get two glasses, which will be $16.
What You Need To Know: The Amtrak Train passes through the area. While it is a nice scene, if you have sensitive ears you may not enjoy it.


Urban Legend:
Pros: Friendly staff and modern decor. Their wine was delicious; we ended up buying a bottle.
Cons: A small cozy space, so no large parties here.
What You Need To Know: No food, but you can bring your own.