Now, as someone who doesn’t have any little people calling me “Mommy,” I try not to give parenting advice. I mean no parent likes that. But, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought why not teach our kids to show love and kindness.

Some schools require that your child give every student a valentine’s day card. Which I think is beautiful. But does your kid give you or their sibling a valentine’s day card? Why not take some time out and play a simple game with your kids.

I learned this game as a team builder in one of my non-profit jobs. My sister has also done it at a student council retreat.

Have each member of the family (including mom and dad) wear a piece of construction paper on their back. Everyone has to go around and write words of kindness on that paper. For example, “I like how you read to me” or “stylish” or “best hug giver.” You can do multiple rounds. There is no judgement for spelling or penmanship.

Want to take it a step further, suggest it to your child’s teacher. This will allow even the class “nerd” to feel loved and special.

The best thing about this game, is that it reminds people what they are great at.


Happy Valentine’s Day,