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Traveling is always an eye opening experience. You get a better sense of who you are when you are away from home. I have had the pleasure of visiting new places with my best friend and travel buddy, Nicholas. My husband has been infecting me with his love of adventure since we first met, nine years ago. Through all our travels we have learned some important facts about relationships.


1) Clear Direct Communication is Key: Let’s face it, sometimes we do not tell our significant other exactly what we want or feel. But when you are in another country you have to be direct. cause you don’t have a home base to hide in. From simple statements such as, “I don’t feel safe going down that street.”, to “I want to leave by 11 am so we can see…”. It saves you from arguments.

2) Split the duties: We all need to feel important. One way to feel important and heard is to split the duties. That can be housework or planning a trip. For example, Nick books the flights and I book the hotels. That way we both contribute.

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3) Your Tastes ARE Different: You two are separate people, living one life. Your tastes are going to be different. When you are in another country, you understand what makes the other person smile from ear to ear, what they won’t do, etc. For example, I love the arts. Going into a museum, walking into a church, etc, gives me a better understanding of a country. Nick needs to find the local hole-in-the-wall restaurant, that serves food on a paper plate and then he feels like he traveled.


Finally, the best thing that comes from traveling with your significant other, is trust. You are in a new place, so you have to trust one another. You are not going to leave each other in a place alone.

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Going to a new place is always fun. Travel with your love. Travel with your soul mate.

Dedication: To my husband, who has pushed my comfort envelope since day one. Thank you Babe.

Hugs and Smiles,