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So, guess what? Ostriches are some cranky ass animals. They remind me of playground bullies. This is one of the things I learned while in Aruba in 2012. Aruba is a beautiful island in the Caribbean. Granted, it is kind of a tourist trap, something Nick and I don’t really like, but I was like “let’s go there”. And because I asked in a really cute and sweet way, he said yes! What can I say, my husband is a sucker for brown eyes with some tears. How do you think my nieces get extra cookies? We know his weakness. That reminds me, I want a cookie. Hold on a second….K…I am back and with a cookie. 🙂

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Aruba must have been one of the most relaxing trips we have taken together. Because it’s an island, we could get around it in a single day. This allowed us to enjoy each monument; from the first Catholic churches in the Southern Caribbean to the butterfly farm, to the ostriches and beaches.

What made this island so beautiful were the hotels where we stayed. They were owned by an elderly couple. Their hotels had to be the most beautiful, colorful, spacious and affordable hotels we have ever stayed in.

One hotel included a pool. Swimming after a long hot day under the Caribbean stars is a moment I hope to never forget. Swimming in the Caribbean ocean during the day and watching the sunset while in the water is another moment I wish I could share with you. Drinking a mojito on the beach watching my husband swim reminded me that we are quite lucky.

Singing along with a whole bar while on drink number…whatever…the number doesn’t matter, brings a smile to my face as I type this.

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Learning that butterflies are just drunk, horny animals that live for two weeks made me laugh because many girls’ (including myself) first tattoos are butterflies. So, remember, when your girl is dancing on the table and wants to have sex, she is really just representing her body art.

Our simple moments when we went off the beaten track, ate at a hole-in-the-wall place surrounded by nothing, forced us to have conversations. I will always love those conversations.

If traveling more this year is your new year’s resolution, but you just want to do a simple vacation and relax, then Aruba is your place.