We’ve all been there (or maybe you haven’t, but I have). It’s the night before a trip, and you’re still not packed. What’s a person to do?

Today, I’m sharing some tips for fall packing that will hopefully help you stay organized, practical and fashionable.

Research the Weather

You might think I’m kidding, but I’m really not. I’m obsessive, so I’ll start searching AccuWeather a couple of months in advance (I know, this is not helpful, but I enjoy it). Google seasonal trends and know whether you’re headed to somewhere warm, cold or in between! The first time I went to Europe, it was in the spring, and I was severely under-packed in terms of jackets and warm things.  


      • You’re probably tired of hearing this because I feel like everyone includes this in their recommendations. However, it’s so important! Whether you’re going somewhere warm or cold, with a heater, air conditioner, or just natural air, you want to be able to adjust the temperature to your liking!
      • If you’re going somewhere cold. Bring a nice, warm coat. Nothing drastic, but I’m of the “better safe than sorry” camp when it comes to coats. I always bring it on the plane with me so that it doesn’t take space in my bags.







Given the above, here are some recommendations that I have for autumn/winter colder climates.

  • I always travel with several Uniqlo Heattech long sleeves. So thin, yet so warm, and they come in so many colors! Perfect to wear by itself with a jacket if it’s not too cold, or great for layering under a sweater if it’s super cold.
  • Sweaters. I love me some sweaters, and while a bit bulky, you should be able to find 1-2 that you can cycle through. Choose one that’s light but warm. If you want to wear a super bulky sweater, maybe wear it onto the plane, so it doesn’t take up your suitcase space!


  • I always, always, always travel with my J Crew legging pants. They’re thicker than regular leggings and thus appropriate for literally any occasion. They can be dressed up and down, and you can even wear stockings/tights/thin leggings underneath for extra warmth!
  • One pair of jeans is always nice.


  • Scarves! Scarves! Scarves! In many colors, textures, and sizes. That is all.
  • Hats, gloves (you really do need them if it’s cold).
  • If you want, you might want to pack just the necessities and buy a bunch of warm accessories once you’ve arrived at your destination! Whenever I’m in France, I always come home with more scarves and gloves 🙂
  • Bring some of your favorite accessories – whether that be necklaces, bracelets or earrings. You can’t bring your entire wardrobe, but why not bring a few of your favorite things to spice up your outfit 🙂



Think about what kind of shoes you need. Will you be walking a lot? Will it rain? Will it be cold? Do you need a fancy pair for anything? Don’t bring more than two pairs if you can help it. Go for cute but also comfortable. Remember, travel = walking. For those from California, like me, don’t underestimate winter weather. Boots are necessary.






  • Dresses! There’s nothing easier than throwing on a dress, warm heat-tech shorts (for warmth), stockings, scarves and a wonderfully warm coat.
  • If you want to coordinate your clothes during your trip easily, consider choosing solid colors for most of your items. Throw in the color, pop, and patterns through your accessories! But of course, if lots of colors and patterns are your thing, do you!