I am the weird person that starts listening to holiday songs around September. I love everything about Christmas. The colors, the music, the food, and how everyone is forced to be a decent human being instead of themselves. YAY!

In the spirit of sharing. I’ve decided to share with you some of my favorite holiday things.

Favorite Holiday Song: Christina Aguilera, Holy Night: She adds some jazz and gospel to it that all you want to do is sing aloud. You can listen to our Holiday playlist on Spotify.

Favorite Holiday Dramatic Movie: It’s A Wonderful Life: It’s such a simple story of being grateful for the things we have. It also has to deal with the age-old story of being broke. We can all relate to that.

Favorite Holiday Comedic Movie: White Christmas: One day I will learn how to tap dance, and it will be glorious. This movie is a musical, so have it on while baking. You will probably burn something because you will be dancing and singing.

Favorite Holiday Bake Treat: Peppermint Bark: Seriously, please send me some. Anything peppermint puts a smile on my face.

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Decorating a tree and watching my Dad bake. He bakes, I eat. It’s a great deal.

May you all be jolly and bright this time of year.