And on the 27th day, I pivoted.



What a difference a month of daily gratitude makes! I discovered that journaling in the morning on what I was grateful for was easier than I thought it was going to be. I enjoy the routine and sipping my coffee while reflecting on the positive aspects of my life. Out of exercising, drinking a healthy amount of water and mediating this has been the easiest lifestyle habit to develop! This morning gratitude reflection gets my day set in the right direction regardless of what side of the bed I wake up on.

There are some days that I wake up full of fear and resentment mixed with angst and sadness, and I have to force myself to pick up my pen and find something to be grateful for. However, afterward I am less fearful as I walk into the uncertainty of my daily commute and work environment and I am better able to identify something that made me happy by that evening.

As a result of intentional daily gratitude, I have gravitated towards reading different books and eliminating certain TV shows. I find myself not engaging in gossip or participating in negative conversations. People with toxic mindsets steer clear of me, and when confronted with aggression, I can compassionately not take it personally.

I have come to realize that if I can maintain a purposeful awareness around what I love and appreciate in life, I am better able to love and appreciate myself. I then receive that same love and appreciation from others, and I can effortlessly reciprocate. I am no longer tangled in between feelings of unworthiness and scarcity. I can share a story of hope and inspiration where I once told one of fatal destiny. I can write my own story. I can create my happy ending.