Talho Fredrick was probably one of my easiest kills. I guess maybe that was because he wasn’t carrying a weapon when I hunted him down; but, I knew I could still slaughter him in any situation.
There was a bounty on his head for a good month, and the King held back all of his first Commanders from going after him. I was certain he wanted me to kill him personally because I never failed a mission. And ever since I was young I knew to never belittle the King’s orders. If any soldier were to fail, he’d take it as a direct threat to his throne and have you brutally murdered in public. Of course, since I’ve never done any of that, King Stephen grew fond of me.

“Fredrick is a horrible spy. There’s been complaints from cadets on how he’s been negotiating with anonymous hackers and giving them the League’s information in exchange for money,” King Stephen said in a rarely serious tone, “Of course, this could all just be a rumor, but I’d like you to check up on him anyways,”
I nodded, and dragged myself out of the courtroom, a hand on my weapons belt.
Check up on him. . .


I marched down the ominous streets of the Lower City, passing bulky thugs, trembling drug dealers, and a few women dressed like skanks. An anorexic man with twitching hands lurked so close to me- following me. I was about ready to turn on my heel and shove a bullet down his throat when he suddenly stumbled and shook his head. He then looked up, confused as hell and walked across the street, shoving his hands in his pockets.

After a few moments of strolling through the street, I realized how many shop windows I had passed that were broken into, or demolished in some way.

Damn, I loved the Lower City more than I cared to admit. I grew up here, I trained here, and a massive amount of my killings happen here.

I whistled as a curvy, black haired woman sashayed past me. She was probably showing me her favorite finger, because she only held up one.

I smiled and kept walking down the street, looking for the alleyway I said I’d meet Talho in. I turned the corner and there he was. Green sweater. Dress shoes. Gelled back hair. Typical.

He gave me an annoyed glare and lead me into the alley, hands in his pockets. As he lead me deeper and deeper in between the buildings, I could almost feel the light withering farther away.

After a moment of walking, I heard his feet stop shuffling. He must have been super close to me now, because I could feel his nasty fish scented breath on my shoulder. “W-what do you need me for n-now?” Funny. They always stuttered when I confronted them personally.

“The King sent me,” As soon as I muttered the second word, his breath shortened and seemed to disappear in a matter of milliseconds. “He tells me of rumors he heard from cadets. . .”
“I don’t know what he heard but-”

“-but you are a disgrace to the throne and should be punished,” I paused, smiling malevolently, “his words, not mine. Maybe the reason the King sent me was because I can always tell if a clumsy bloke like you were lying.” I growled and reached out for his neck. My hands wrapped around his sweating skin and I could hear him choking out pleads. Bits of his spittle flew onto my face and I dug my nails harder into his neck, cackling viciously.

He shrieked and writhed in pain but I just pressed down harder and harder. I ripped one of my hands from his skin and unsheathed the heavy sword from my hip. Just as he was about to open his mouth to wail again, I started slashing at his body.

I used both hands now. They were both gripped tight to my sword and I enjoyed every blow to his skin. Thick, warm, droplets of his blood splashed my face and arms, practically drenching my clothes; I didn’t stop. After moments of listening to his gargled screams, I pushed him over, shoving him to the ground. That was when I started stomping on what I suspected to be his head.

I could feel every crack of his bones under my heavy boots. I started splashing around in puddles of blood.
A few minutes passed. Then an hour. The only thing that stopped me from vandalizing his body further was a buzz on my wrist. It glowed blue three times until I decided to tap it with my blood covered fingers.

“Terrin speaking.” I spoke, moving away from Talho’s long dead body.

“Ah! Mr. Altros!” King Stephen’s hoarse voice greeted me, “I hope you’re aware that your mission ended an hour ago.”

“Of course, sir.” I mumbled, sheathing my sword. I couldn’t help but feel the embarrassment burn through me.

“Leave. Now.” His voice was demanding and stern, yet shrilled with a hint of annoyance. “Police will be on the scene soon.”

“Why so soon?” I questioned, keeping the fluorescent blue light close to my face.

“You’re in a very crowded part of the Lower City. I’d be surprised if no one reported his screams.”

If he heard the screams, that means he must have been listening to my conversation with Talho. He must have bugged my Porta. Why didn’t he trust me with missions like he used to?

“Yes, but murder is very common here.” I reasoned, wiping my face with a blood soaked sleeve, smearing even more of it on my face.

“And? That doesn’t mean they won’t still report it.” He took in a raspy breath. “Be back in an hour.”
The blue light faltered and the message ended, leaving me in blood drenched clothes in a pitch black alleyway.