Waking up was absolute hell. My eyes strained against the lights directly above me, and I groaned, turning my head only to cause more pain in my neck. I hissed, listening to the faint beep of a nearby machine.

Realizing that I couldn’t move physically panicked me more than it should so I opened my mouth and croaked out. “Hello?”
My voice disgusted me. In general, it was raspy and low when it should be light and feminine; but adding the fact that I hadn’t used it in maybe days made it sound even worse.

A young man turned the corner, moving aside the thin blue curtains. He wore the same nurse’s outfit as every single uninjured person I’d ever seen in this goddamn hospital. Except for that thin, frail boy. . . Was he even real? Or was I hallucinating?
The male nurse had the most beautiful shade of golden blond hair that seemed to shine even brighter than the lights. His facial structure was stern and chiseled, and so was the rest of his body. He would be completely perfect. . . If it weren’t for his eyes. They were shaded- hidden under his thick golden brows, and the irises were as dark as the pupils.  He gazed right into my eyes, causing me to feel uneasy. I darted my eyes down to my wrist, where an IV was jutting out of my skin.

“You called?” He raised one of his eyebrows which made my body tingle.
Something about him was terrifying, yet I couldn’t look away from his lips. They were so perfect. I breathed in, hearing the machine beep faster. “Y-yeah.”

He cocked his head to the side, practically gazing into my soul and walked towards the monitor. With a quick flick of his finger, the machine turned off. “That noise is pretty annoying don’t you think?” He half smiled at me and turned on his heel to leave. The last thing I saw before he disappeared was a silver handgun jutting out of his back waistband. Shock filled my body and without even thinking I jumped up out of my bed barely feeling any pain.  Why the hell would he have a gun? Was he even a nurse here?

I limped as fast as I could, stumbling into the hallway just outside my curtain. I couldn’t find the nurse anywhere.
Maybe I was hallucinating him too. . .

Just then a hand slid onto my shoulder, and I turned, scared for my life.
It was a woman with stringy blonde hair and light wrinkles around her mouth and eyes. She wore a white coat and billowy black pants which calmed me down realizing she was a doctor.

“Miss?” She raised her eyebrows, causing more wrinkles to appear on her forehead. “Are you alright? What’s wrong?”

“T-there’s a man here. . . With a gun! He’s gonna kill someone!” I tried to lean away from the woman as her nails we’re now buried into my shoulder, but she wouldn’t let go.

“Oh, sweetie why don’t you just sit down. . .” She tried to move my body, but I froze. She thinks I’m crazy.
A voice in my head agreed with her. But I knew that even if it was a hallucination I had to make sure.

“No!” I smacked her hand away and limped as fast as I could down the hallway where I saw the man leave. For a moment I thought she was going to come after me, but she just turned around and walked away. After a minute passed of searching the empty hallway, I ended up at two bronze doors. An elevator.

I reached my fingers for the button. I was about to press it when a high he was fake, hoping I was hallucinating. He had yet another cape on but instead of it being a plain red cloth; it was the King’s Flag- tied around his neck in a bow.
He skipped around, giggling happily. In his arms, he carried a black, rectangular box. I stared down at him, my finger lightly resting on the button.

The young boy stopped in his tracks, noticing me. He glanced at me, then lowered his gaze to my hand. “You gonna use that?” He asked clutching the box under his left arm.

“Uh. . . no.” I backed away letting him pass. Stevie tapped the up button, and it dinged, turning green.

“What’cha got there?” I swallowed as the two bronze doors opened.

He smiled, revealing his empty pink gums. “I don’t know really I kinda just picked it up.” He turned it around to show me a screen, much like a microwave, counting down in bright red numbers.  15. . . 14. . . 13. . .

I screamed and bolted for the doors, but they shut as soon as my hand reached the bronze steel.