Since the creation of Epifania, I’ve wanted to tell stories. Stories of human beings doing amazing things. Stories of my friends, family and fellow entrepreneurs. I have been able to tell their stories, through articles, Snapchat Take Overs, and YouTube videos.

However, I always wanted to bring these women stories live. To the stage, if you will. So after three years, I decided to have a Female Founders Event.

The women that I invited to the event, I met along the way.

Yvette Mannion, our moderator, I met at an event called 25 Women You Should Know last October.  I was invited to the event after taking over Women In Tech Snapchat by a new friend. After chatting with Yvette, we realized we knew a mutual friend.

Christina Davis-Patel and I met a few years ago, at a LAM event. It was one of those networking events, where everyone already knew each other. So we became instant friends because we didn’t know anyone there. We realized we had so much in common. Again, the world is a small place. She worked with one of our groomsmen.

Elisabeth South and I met first via Facebook Groups. We were both Women In Tech hosts and got invited to the Startup Grind event earlier this year. We hung out for two days and found a kinship. Her confidence is contagious.

Kamilah Richardson, I met at an Esty fair December 2015. I was looking for a gift for my niece. I loved her stuff and did a YouTube video showcasing you. We have chatted through these last two years.

The event is taking place at Sanchez Contemporary/Tertulia Coffee shop. A place owned by a married couple. I met Maria Sanchez last September at a Latinas Think Big meetup. Her coffee shop is this beautiful open space.

As you see, you must always keep your eyes open when you meet new people. You never know where life will take you. I have met other women along the way. Other stories I want to tell. In this day and age, we have to support each other and show young girls that women can do anything.