Hello Dolls! So I am a child of the 80’s, grew up with TRL and the pop scene. Was in high school when 9/11 happen, remembered MySpace and the top 8, first generation to have the majority of friends have a desktop in their home, went off to college with a desktop and then quickly got a laptop, had the green screen on my first cell phone, remembered when touch phones was soooo amazing and now everyone has one. A lot has changed for our generation, especially in the categories of career and technology.

Most of us have careers/jobs that our parents generation never even heard of. Our generation is use to being the first one ever to have that job in that company in that field. Creating and building it into something new. With that said, most of us had to navigate in a world that we were not given a map for but were ask to create the map. That takes a lot of energy and time. Especially if you work for a company that expects you to make the best map ever without any direction.

Before we burn ourselves out like previous generations we take a breather and analyze our life. Work/life balance is a huge concept that we all try to live by. We won’t tie ourselves to a company for the sake of a paycheck. We want our lives to count for something. Most of my friends that have amazing careers tend to take breathers every now and then.

So in December I took a step back. A huge one. I quit my job at a well known non-profit because I just was not happy. I can tell it was taking the joy out of me. Luckily for me I started grad school in January and found a terrific part time job with a foundation.

This step back has been the hot cup of soup my soul needed. With this extra boost of energy every day I feel myself becoming not the person that I was before my last job but a better improved human being. So yeah, taking a step back is sometimes the best step.