Stocking stuffers are those magical containers filled with amazing goodies. As my siblings and I are getting older, we are starting to take ownership of the stocking stuffers. I mean my mom is amazing at giving us little goodies. But here are some stocking stuffers that you can give to the adult children will love.

Tea: You can purchase tea from your local grocery store. Or if you have a tea connoisseur in your family, you can go to your local tea shop. You can get peppermint or other holiday flavors. 

Auxiliary Cords: You can grab a bag of auxiliary cords off Amazon. A bag can cost you as little as $10. Everyone needs auxiliary cords.

Eyeliner: You can pick up eyeliner from E.L.F, which can cost you about $5. You can also shop local, and purchase eyeliner online from Hollywood Hippie. Now, why eyeliner? I attend a lot of beauty conferences, and all the goodie bags include lipgloss, brow pencil, and eyeshadow pallets, but never eyeliner.

Car Fresheners: Let’s face it, we all spend several hours or a more a week in our car. A simple car freshener is something we all forget to purchase for ourselves.

Ankle Socks: If your parents are like my parents, they just buy regular socks (forgetting that people might wear ankle boots or slip on tennis shoes). So a pack of three ankle socks will come in handy.

Old School Clothing Measuring Tape: Hear me out here. With more and more people buying clothes online, we all need to know our measurements. So a simple pink or white measuring tape will be more helpful than the person will know.

Aspirin or Ibuprofen: With New Year’s around the corner, we all need New Year’s Day remedies.

Airbnb Gift Cards: Especially if you have an explorer for a sibling. You don’t have to pay for their whole trip, but helping them find a cozy place is a gift that they will remember.

Lip Balm: The cold, dry weather can ruin anyone’s lips. You can grab a pack of three Chapstick or purchase a few Burt’s Bees lip balms.

Gas Gift Cards: Everyone usually gives Starbucks gift cards. However, most people have to drive to work or events. Why not purchase a tank or at least half of tank of gas for your sibling?

Stocking Stuffers don’t have to be the throwaway gifts. They can enhance and make life a bit easier for your siblings.