Bracelets are making a comeback. They are a fun way to accent your outfit. For the spring, here are some bracelet combinations.

spring 1

Look 1: Orange and pink can go together in a bracelet combination You just need a third bracelet with a bit of each color. It doesn’t have to be the same hue for it to flow. I like adding a thick bronze bracelet.

spring 2

Look 2: Clover green and mustard yellow are always a wonderful combination. The bracelets beads are similar size that is why it works. I wear these two when I am jeans a brown boots or a denim dress.

spring 3

Look 3: If you want to dress up your jade beads, add a chunky gold bracelet. Pair it with some wonderful gold earrings. It a wonderful intersect of casual and classy.

spring 4

Look 4: Still want to wear that gold bracelet? Well you still can! You can add a white and black bracelet with it. I have two bracelets that have this leather like texture. The texture difference makes this combo pop. This look can add to your evening attire.

spring 5

Look 5: I love color! If you haven’t guess it by now. 🙂 Well this combo just puts a smile on my face. Who doesn’t like orange, yellow, and green together? And no this is not an ad for Philz coffee.

spring 6

Look 6: Final look. I love jewelry that looks old and rustic. I combine this bronze bracelet with a silver bracelet that has amber orange beads.

May your bracelet jingle with every step you take.

Hugs and Smiles,