makeup bag spring cleaning

We are in the midst of spring and apart of the spring season is spring cleaning. While you are cleaning your closet, and donating items, you need to go through your makeup and face products. Most people don’t realize that makeup and face products have a shelf life too. On the packaging, you will see a little makeup container with a number inside of it. This is the shelf life of the makeup.

Adria Rook our Los Angeles based makeup artist knows it’s hard to be throw away products.

“I know that I am guilty of keeping things longer than the recommended shelf life,” Rook admits, “If the product hasn’t separated, has the same consistency, or isn’t breaking our your skin then your still good to use it.”

milk cosmetics spring cleaning

While with spring cleaning, you naturally will be getting rid products. Which will prompt you to try some new products that are healthy for your skin. Rook highly suggests the line called Milk. It’s paraben free, cruelty-free and it’s 100% vegan. There is also no silicone in their makeup. Milk has everything from $40 foundation, to $24 face mask.

Another line that Rook has discovered is Farmacy. Their line incorporates a plant called echinacea green envy and that plant has 300% more antioxidants in the roots. Their products are paraben free, formaldehyde free, synthetic fragrance-free, mineral oil free and cruelty-free. They have a deodorant that “smells amazing” according to Rook. If you’re looking for a line that cares about the planet and your body then they are for you.

spring cleaning farmacy

Rook is a fan of Tarte and has mentioned it in previous articles. Tarte has a beautiful eyeshadow pallet called Rainforest of the Sea.

“It is perfect for any summer day, Coachella, vacation or just going to brunch. It has amazing pigment and range of colors for every occasion and for just $39,” Rook shares.

Rook then shares that Rihanna has re-released her Body Lava.

“If you’re looking for that little shimmer to add to your body then don’t look any further. Body Lava has amazing consistency and beautiful colors just retail for $59,” shares Rook.

All of these products that Rook have discussed can be found at your local Sephora. So treat yourself after your spring cleaning is done and complete.