Sisters Oregon is this small town in eastern Oregon, about 40 minutes away from Bend Oregon. The town has a central downtown street lined with stores that have a western facade. You can get around the whole town in less than 30 minutes.

I started visiting Sisters after I met Nicholas. His dad had a house in Sisters and gave it to Nicholas and his brother after he passed away. So now we have our little getaway amongst the woods.

Every summer and winter, we drive up to our little getaway with friends. It’s a lovely town to decompress and to quiet my mind from the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area.

When you find yourself in Sisters, here are some places you should visit.

Sisters Coffee Company: This coffee shop is huge! Which a lovely treat for a Bay Area native. The mocha is creamy and delicious. You can sit by the fire and enjoy your drink. The place has a cool western hipster feel to it, with liberal newspapers and animal heads on the wall. This is a must-have stop every time we go.

Paulina Springs Books: This is a cute small book shop, right across the street from the coffee shop. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. What I love about them, is they usually have a table with free books.

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Cascade Street Distillery: A vodka tasting room is a beautiful way to end your day of adventures. The staff is welcoming and knows the ins and outs of vodka. Even if you are not a vodka drinker, it is excellent to learn a bit about this liquor. Besides, how often do you go vodka tasting?

The Depot Cafe: This cafe has huge sandwiches and delicious breakfast items. Go hungry and if you go during the summer, make your way to the outside patio and enjoy the sunlight, and gorgeous trees.

Sisters Oregon is a quiet place filled with great food and drinks. A perfect long weekend town.