storm-clouds-426271_1280What goes around, comes around

Those on top are now down

To be stepped on, abused in the same ole way

As we were in the yesterday

Saying we was only three-fourths human

But y’all couldn’t see the storm that was brewing!

Now that the thrill of it has gone away

And you have lived to rue the day

That you stole us from our Motherlands fertile ground

To be shackled, chained, beaten and drowned


By your hands

To help you steal the riches of this land

Our faith and reality has freed us from your dismal spell

Its mostly over now and you’ll find

We only wish you well!

Oh, we know, Jim Crow dies hard

Rears its ugly head like a hydra of broken glass shards

Poking, ripping and tearing when you least expect it

But we keep salving with a Love antiseptic!