The voices in our head like to take over sometimes. Like to lead us down the rabbit hole. Make us believe that the world or people are against us. When you find yourself in that dark place, remember it is literally all in your mind. If you need something to calm you down, read this poem.

I will fall,
I will make mistakes,
I will hurt loved ones,

I will hold myself up against the wall,
I will make my heart ache,
I will use my mouth as a verbal gun,

I will make myself feel small,
I will from time to time be fake,
I will shut others out,

But I will get up,
learn from my mistakes,
Apologize to loved ones,

Force me to move away from the wall,
I will love my heart enough so it won’t ache,
I will only use my mouth to speak kindness,

I will realize my strength,
I will be brave enough to be myself,
I will let people in,

I will realize that failure is a part of life.