Staying active is important in life. We all know this, but let’s face it, not all of us are super excited about this idea. I envy my friends that use exercise as a way to unwind. For me unwinding is a good book and some wine. But I know it’s important so I have to incorporate it in my life somehow.

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Like everything important in life you will only do it if you are motivated. For me my motivation is Nicholas. He wants to live forever (don’t know why…I mean forever is a long time babe….we should talk about this….after this blog), and so I can’t leave him on this planet by himself. He can seriously burn down this planet. As my gift to you all, I will live as long as Nicholas to make sure you have a planet. You’re welcome human race.

Hikes keep me active and so I live a long healthy life with Nicholas. Living near the California coast, I am surrounded by so many lovely trails that make hiking and running enjoyable. Here are a couple of my favorite trails:

San Bruno Mountain: Walk, Run, or Bike Ride. Great views of South San Francisco and the outer mission district of San Francisco. This trail has slight uphill parts, so if you are older or have weak knees you may want to do only part of this trail.

Crystal Springs Trail: Walk or Run. This trail is paved and is pretty much leveled. There is a nice view of the Lake and grasslands. There is not a lot of shade in the first part of the trail, so on a warm day, wear a hat and sunscreen.


Milagra Ridge: Walk, Run or Bike Ride. This trail is part paved and part dirt. On a clear day, you have views of Pacifica and of course the ocean. There are some uphill parts and weeds overrun some of the paths.

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Great American Highway: Run, Walk, or Bike Ride.  Gorgeous ocean views and part of the trail is. The trail does have sand on it, because you are near the beach. After a great run, you can lounge on the beach or stop at local restaurant.

Find your motivation and keep being active. Remember you are beautiful at any shape.