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Since I was a little girl, sitting in my bed looking up at the moon, I have dreamt of traveling. My number two destination after New York City, was Italy. The whole idea of traveling to Italy was such a romantic notion to me at 12. I mean, how does a middle class girl from Gilroy get to Italy? My parents and grandparents have never been to Europe. But I always thought it was possible. Once I started college, I wanted to go, but I had to spend my summers working and saving money by living with my parents.

At 20 I met my husband. He has somewhat of a nomadic personality. To him traveling was not a romantic notion, but a very serious lifestyle. I now had a travel buddy! Together, we made it to Rome Italy in 2010.

Words and this blog can never describe how this trip changed my life -but I will give it a try.  I think the best way to describe this trip is through poetry. May you be inspired to see a new part of the world this year. The world is a big place and to understand it better, one must see its beauty from all angles. Try a new city, state or country this year.

Cobblestone underneath my feet

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Heat beating on my face

Stopping in a middle of a plaza to tie my shoelace

Breathing in the dirt of the coliseum

 Walking through the streets

Drinking with high school aged people on statues

Taking in the Italian attitude

Touching buildings over a century old

 Art in my view

History takes over my soul

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Catching my breath in front of the Pluto e Proserpina statue

Sitting underneath picturesque trees and sky of blues

 A train

A train that leads two souls to Florence

An ally

An ally that leads two souls to wine tasting

Wine tasting

Wine tasting that leads two souls alone in a wine bar

With a middle age Italian man

A middle age Italian man that knows little English

Two souls that know little Italian

Three souls speak fluent wine J

 12 Disciples and Jesus

St. Christopher around my neck

With hope and reason

In the middle of the Vatican

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Pizza, espresso, cappuccino

Blissfully, vividly, Italy