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©Nicole Moreno-Deinzer

Education is one of those key building blocks for every youth. Going to school is the first real life experience we have without our parents. Our parents drop us off in this new land and we have to make friends, pay attention, struggle with difficult subjects, learn to ask for help, learn to speak up, etc. It can be quite daunting for children. Some children get along just fine in a structured environment. Some need a more creative landscape. Now with most things in life, our experience with education comes down to two words; customer service.

What I mean by customer service, is that the learning environment for children provides a certain level of experience for parents. Who provides that customer service? The teachers. As I mentioned in another post, my father was a teacher, my sister is a biology teacher, and my other sister worked in early childhood education. The rest of my siblings? They volunteered with youth. My brother volunteered with a special needs class and my younger sister volunteered with elementary students. I have friends that went into education. I have so much respect for all of them. They care about the youth they are serving. But let’s face it, not all educators care.

I despise horrible educators. Why did I use such a strong word? Well, because as an educator you are in constant interaction with youth. You cannot play favorites, pick on the kids, or just ignore them. You are destroying their self-esteem.

Let me give you an example of a big bully. My nephew spent his 5th grade year with a horrible teacher. He struggled with some topics and the class moved too fast. Instead of helping him out, or talking to my sister; she decided to focus on his tardiness. She made him so uncomfortable that he didn’t ask for help. On the the last day of school for the year, she denied him access to his end-of-year party. My sister decided it wasn’t worth the fight, because they were moving. I am going to take this time to say shame on you, Cierra Vista Elementary.

I’ve read other stories on my Facebook feed about these big adult bullies. It’s disgusting.

Now, I know teaching can be draining. But do the world a favor, bad educators. If you find yourself hating your students, only working because you get summer off, and it’s a safe job: don’t do it. It’s not your passion. Go find your passion.

To parents, please be an advocate for your child. Ask questions, get involved. With budget cuts and politics, teachers have a hard time keeping track of all their students. So speak up, create a healthy dialogue with  teachers. If they refuse to start a dialogue with you, you have my permission to fight to the death. This is one of the few times you can act like a reality television star: scream, cry, act like a hot mess. These bad educators need to be fired. Point blank. They don’t deserve their cushy jobs.

I would like to interject a side note here. Be an adult about your dialogue. Play dirty if they refuse to play nice. Don’t go in there yelling right away. Your kid can honestly be the problem. Yes, your kid can be the problem. Be as objective as possible.

To the students, young and old remember this: Adults don’t know everything. They are figuring life out too. Teachers come into the classroom with their problems. They shouldn’t, but they do. If you are nervous about going to class, talk to your parents, or an other caring adult. You are there to be educated and nurtured;not to be picked on.

I hope you all say a big thank you to the wonderful educators in your life. Celebrate them.  The bad ones? Destroy them. 🙂

Hugs and Smiles,