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My first love affair was not with a boy but with a city, with a dream. I have dreamt of New York City since I do not know when. It was such a part of my identity that my parents bought me t-shirts, mugs, bags, etc., that said New York City on it. I fell in love with the allure of NYC. A huge city where you can go and reinvent yourself; I guess I always love the thought of reinvention.

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January 2013 = Really Cold NYC.

But like most things in life, you do not know how it is until you experience it. I have been to NYC twice: once in the summer and once in the winter.

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August 2009  = Really Hot NYC.

I was so excited to walk the streets that so many great artists walked. To experience the convenience of the subways which for someone who hates driving, (I know how very anti-California of me), was amazing. To eat all the great foods, and to try a true New York style pizza. To witness the different cultures that every district has. To watched amazing plays and breathe in the Apollo theater air. I found peace walking around Central Park and drive while sitting on the steps of Columbia University.

I did not mind the people at all. Everyone says New Yorkers are rude but they are just direct. No, ‘maybes’ ‘oh, sorry’, or ‘um’. Know what you want and ask for it. Direct sentences. Which was a great practice for me.

While I sit here and remember these great memories I want to jump on a plane and go back.

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Sierra at the 9/11 Memorial.

While I sit here and remember these great memories I want to jump on a plane and go back.


Look Nick back in 2009 in Central Park.

The best part about experiencing my second favorite US city was I got to experience it with my two favorite people, Nick and Sierra. I was so excited to give my younger sister the chance to fly across the country and see New York City.

Promise me in your lifetime you will go see New York City. You do not have to love it but you should go see it.