Dear Younger Millennials,

Can you believe it? You are in your 20’s. When did that happen? Weren’t you just born? I consider you a younger millennium because you were born between 1991-1997. During this difficult political time you may be asking “what the fuck?”. But hear me when I say this: You are strong.

Think about it. You have lived through so many good and bad things in your short time.

  • Clinton creating a debt-free economy.
  • Not being able to go to Cuba. Now being able to go to Cuba.
  • Gay people being able to be married.
  • You being able to have a friend in the LGBT+ community without being considered “gay” yourself.
  • Having gay characters on your favorite television shows.
  • Bush.
  • Iraq War.
  • Iran War.
  • Marijuana being legal (in some places).
  • Watching your parents lose their jobs or their homes because of the recession.
  • ISIS.
  • You are the first generation with modern technology.
  • The first to have social media.
  • The creation of Netflix.
  • Apple and Google slowly controlling our lives. (I am typing this on Google Docs, on my Apple Laptop).
  • US always hating Russia.
  • The first generation to kill big box stores. Seriously, you are bringing down Macy’s, Kmart, JcPenney.

You are strong people. You all have one gay friend. You all feel comfortable dating outside your race. You really find it ridiculous that people ever thought like that.

Yes, some people may call you lazy; but, you all hold so much change and power. Again you killed big box stores and demanded free technology.

Yes, there will probably be a lack of job stability for you; but, hey, you lived through the recession. Yes, you will see more hate crimes; but, you are young. We need your youth and ideas to help make this world better for the children and our grandparents.

Hugs and Smiles,