Dear Older Millennials,

Can you believe it? We are here! We are living in a time where we can use our watches as phones. I consider you an older millennium because you were born between 1981-1990. During this difficult political time you may be asking “what the fuck?” But hear me when I say this: We are strong.

Think about it. We have lived through so many good and bad things in our short 30 somethings years.

  • Reagan fucking up our parents economics.
  • Not being able to go to Cuba. Now being able to go to Cuba.
  • Gay people being able to be married.
  • You being able to have a friend in the LGBT+ community without being considered “gay” yourself.
  • AIDS.
  • Being the first generation where we could have sex with whoever, and wherever. (Thank you 60’s!)
  • Bush.
  • Iraq War.
  • Iran War.
  • War on Drugs (which is/was pointless).
  • Recession.
  • Graduating without that shiny job after graduation.
  • ISIS.
  • The Berlin Wall coming down.
  • The creation of Netflix.
  • Apple and Google slowly controlling our lives. (I am typing this on Google Docs, on my Apple Laptop).
  • US always hating Russia.

We are strong people. We are the first generation to truly embrace change. We know that it is wrong to hate people because of their color, race, religion, gender and/or sexual orientation. Well, most of us do.

We can get through this. Yes our stock options may suffer, buying a house will probably get harder, and we could very much see ourselves entering another war.

But we have grit, brains, and style (they don’t call us hipsters for nothing). So let us use our voice for kindness, love and respect.

Hugs and Smiles,