Rae Ferrer | Editorial Intern Rae Ferrer | Editorial Intern (Spring 2017 & Summer 2016)

What is one world issue that you wish you could solve?
I wish I could resolve the hatred of the LGBT community by those who do not believe in love between anyone/thing other than the love of a man and a woman. I think acceptance of those who are a part of this community would solve a lot of issues in society. The world simply needs more love. <3
Android or Iphone?
I’ve always had an iPhone, so by default I have to say iPhone!

What is the best thing to do on a cold rainy day?
The best thing to do during a cold rainy day is to make some nice hot homemade soup, watch a movie at home with the one you love and cuddle. Afterwards it would be perfect to go out to my local mom & pop coffee shop to get some coffee, enjoy some nice conversation and the sound of the rain. I actually enjoy the rain and cold weather very much.
What is the best thing to do on a warm sunny day?
The best thing to do on a warm sunny day is to be out and about! Start off with brunch, then some activities on the beach followed by swimming, followed by a BBQ and a sunset with a bonfire. I also think a day of hiking would be amazing too!
Fiction or nonfiction?
If you can live in any other decade where would it be?
The 80s! Groovy, baby.
Last country you visited?
The Philippines
Most beautiful place you ever seen?
Palawan, Philippines
What country do you want to go to next? 
I want to go to Barcelona! My parents are actually headed there right now without me.
You are hosting a dinner party and can invite 5 historical figures, dead or alive. Who would they be?
Kobe Bryant
Steve Jobs
Oprah Winfrey
Mitch Albom
Muhammad Ali



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