Memorial Day weekend is coming to an end! The unofficial or official beginning of summer is a celebration. Since we were kids, summer has always been a special time; a time of rest, sun, and sleeping in. But as we get older, it’s harder to enjoy those simple pleasures. Well, let’s kick off your summer right and make sure you do everything you want to do.

Recapture Your Youth: Host a sundae bar at your next BBQ or party. Or just invite friends over on a Sunday and everyone brings cool toppings and digs in.

Out of the Office and Into the Sun: For us Californians, we just have to drive two hours max, to the local beach. So lounging on the beach and getting some sun is not hard. But for the non-Californians or the ones that can’t make it to the beach, go out to your roof, fire escape, yard, balcony, and bust out your favorite beach chair. Sit out either after work or on the weekend and get some sun. You deserve it. Don’t forget the SPF (insert your number).

Swim Suit Ready: You are beautiful no matter what shape or size you are, but if you want to lose a few more pounds, go out and walk. The days are longer, so you can definitely walk after work.

Finish That Book: We all think, “if I had time, I would read….”. Well, baby, you got time. Pick a fun easy book for your summer. They don’t call it summer reading for anything. We all know reading will help keep our minds active.

Island Drinking: The weather is better, (like how I rhymed there…whoa I am on a roll. Watch me flow. ☺), time to make some mojitos. Google a recipe and enjoy the island delight in your own home. Fair warning: this drink is messy to make, because of the sugar, lime juice, and mint…so have wipes nearby.

Sell it or List it: K, you might not want to sell your home or be able to sell your apartment but we all have those house projects. During one of your down days, plan to do one house project. I like to start room by room. I never say, “I’m going to clean my whole apartment” because that’s just setting myself up for failure. Instead, I say, “I will fully clean my bedroom or I will organize my desk or I will dust the bathroom.” Be specific.

Finally….HAVE FUN!