Today is mine and Nick’s 12 year anniversary. Yes, 12 years of being together! We are not relationship experts. Therefore this article is not going to be about relationships. It’s going to be about the things I have learned from my husband.

Jump In: Nick is an expert executer. He knows when to pull the trigger, on projects and life choices. I can get a little too caught up in the planning of things. I have learned from him, to jump in, even if I don’t have a set plan.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark: Growing up, my parents drilled into me, stay out of dark corners, park under a light. Cause let’s face it, there are vicious human beings out there. However, from Nick, I have learned to walk through the dark alley. That usually if it looks scary, it’s not scary.

Try It: I picked up some picky eating habits in my house. Nick puts anything in his mouth and makes a judgment there. So guess what, I like a lot more things than I thought. I have tried sushi with him, Indian food with him, and more.

It’s Okay To Hide: I love sharing everything on social media. Some things are not meant for social media. With him, I learned that even if I don’t share, it doesn’t mean it did not happen.

Keep Going: I have watched him change careers multiple times. I have seen him get rejected, feel rejected and keep moving forward. He moved from sales to marketing to finance. He always wanted to end up in finance. So watching him get out of sales, prove to people he can do finance, and build a career off of it, showed me that it comes down to you.

Finally, the most important thing I learned from Nick, is the power of my strengths. That if anything is the most important relationship advice I can give someone. Find someone that values showing you your strength.