Name: Jesus Rocha and Aida Hurtado-Rocha

Age: 30, 33 

Current Location: Bay Area


Years Together: 6ish

Wedding Anniversary: 6/21/13

Q: Let’s start off easy. How did you two meet?
Aida: The funny thing about that question is that it’s not an easy question to answer. There’s not a memorable moment when we were introduced to each other. We just kind of came into each other’s existence because we had mutual friends in undergrad. There is no specific account as to a mutual friend having the honor of introducing us. We were just in the same social scene in college.
Jesus’ account of the first time he saw Aida: A friend of mind pointed her out when we where sitting at the university commons. It was fall semester and when I saw her for the first time, I knew that was the kind of woman I wanted to marry.

Q: Describe your first date. 
Jesus: In my last year of undergrad I asked Aida to be my date at my fraternity’s yearly formal dinner and dance and she said yes! Later I found out she said yes so willingly because her best friend was going with her boyfriend and also because she welcomed the excuse to dress up for the occasion. The evening began with a forty-minute ride and that’s where I took the opportunity to have a close friend drive us so I could get to know her better. It was my strategy!

Aida: My best friend had given me the heads up that Jesus was going to ask me to be his date. Truthfully I just wanted an excuse to dress up, get my hair done and go on a nice date! Plus my bff was going. It ended up being a really fantastic night. I really got to know a side of Jesus that I didn’t even know existed. From then on, I was stuck!

Q: What was the first significant argument you two had? What did you learn about yourself and your relationship from it?
Aida: Can’t remember which was our first. We’ve definitely had a lot of differences but we always seem to work things out. We just always try to respect each other if we do need to clear things up.

Q: What was the hardest thing you had to see the other go through and what did you learn about yourself or your partner during that time?

Aida: The hardest struggle I had to see him go through was being apart from his family when he moved to the Bay Area to start graduate school. It was tough on him. He’d never been apart from his friends and family, ever. And the only person he had up here that he knew was me. 

Q: You two both come from large Latino families. How has that played a role in your relationship? 
Jesus: For most Latinos, one of the most important aspects is family and we both equally share close ties to our families. We try to visit each other’s families when we get the chance to do so and we’ll go with each other to visit them. I respect her family as she does mine. I hope to be able to share that importance with the children we will someday have. 

Q: Okay, happy question now. How did he propose? 
Jesus: When I first came up to visit Aida in northern California I recall the very first short date we took was to a charming little town call San Juan Bautista, which at its core hosts a very old California mission. When I picked a place to propose I thought of this town. At the time, Aida lived closed by. So I asked her to go out to dinner to a small Spanish restaurant. After the dinner we went for a walk. It was a beautiful night and it was very peaceful and quiet in that town. I found a little park bench and asked her. She said yes.
Aida: The proposal was sweet. It was simple yet special.

Q: One major thing you two learned from wedding planning?
Aida: Planning a wedding is not easy; in fact it gets ten times harder when you realize how large our families are.  To top it off we had a destination wedding with 150 guests in a different country! Throughout the extensive effort to try and make everything perfect you have to just accept that some things are not going to go as planned and then all that’s left is accepting the changes and continue going. I think we learned to not take things too seriously and let things come as they might and handle things with flexibility. 

Q: Jesus, when is Aida the most happy? 
Aida is most happy when her world is at peace. The thing that gets Aida the happiest is spending time on her own hobbies or being beachside.  She loves the beach. Some of the hobbies Aida enjoys are discovering new crafts or cooking recipes. In addition, her family is at the top of the list when it comes to her being happy. She enjoys the best moments when her large family is able to get together.
Aida: My favorite family member is my husband. So if he’s not there, family gatherings just aren’t as fun.

Q: Aida, when is Jesus the most happy?
Aida: Jesus is happiest when he’s coding.  That’s his hobby and job. They say you never have to work a day in your life if you do what you love. That saying applies perfectly to him. He’s also a very social person so he’s happy when friends and family surround him. 

Q: What does the future hold for you two? 

Jesus: With hard work and dedication we plan to continue growing ourselves professionally in our workplaces. We also hope to be invested citizens in our communities through our church and other respected organizations. 
Aida: We plan to invest in a home someday where we can raise a family, get a dog and continue to make happy memories. 

Q: Describe your relationship in three words.
Love, Integrity, Passion

Q: Okay, we will end with a sexy question. What is the physical trait that the other has that just makes you melt?
Jesus: Her sexy Latina curves.
Aida: His strong, big hands.

Editor’s Message: Aida and Jesus are a modern day couple who have strong family values. We at Epifania wish them the very best in their future.

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