I have had the luxury of growing up in California. To not only be surrounded by a diverse group of people but encouraged to interact with different people. This is the state where everyone comes to find themselves; people of color, the LGBT community, and inventors.

This luxury has given me a rosy view of the world. However, after this election, I came to realize that not everyone wants to change. Some people want to hold on to their version of the past.



Gender roles have come to light this past year. With the acknowledgment and Hollywood acceptance of transgenders, people are starting to question traditional gender roles.

However, people are still arguing about gender roles. What does the ‘man’ do? What does the ‘woman’ do?

Some articles are stating that Generation Z (people born after 2000) are becoming more conservative in their thinking of gender roles.

However, with the research I did, I found that Generation Z tends to be more conservative than its counterparts in one area: finances. This makes sense because they were children during the recession and witnessed their own family’s’ struggles with job loss, severe debt, underwater home values and the slow, agonizing recovery.

Today’s teens do want equality in the workplace and in society however studies show they gravitate towards more traditional roles in the home. However, we have to keep in mind that historically high school students have had more conservative views because they haven’t developed their own voice and thought process yet. So these views will probably change by the time they start their own families and careers.

Also, the majority of television shows generation Z watch still has typical gender roles. The girl is depressed therefore needs help. The boy is gay but needs to be strong and not show it. I mean just watch the garbage MTV and E!Channel produce and it’s no wonder teens still have these views.

So, while most conservative newspapers are rejoicing in a new generation of “conservatives”, they should realize that this new generation may not be going back to traditional gender roles anytime soon.