It’s the season to be rosy like good ol’ Saint Nick. This year’s holiday makeup look is center around the color red. Now, while red is a stable color that comes every year, we talked with Los Angeles based makeup artist, Adria Rook on how to add some flair to your holiday red.

You can use red on your lips, cheeks, and eyes. You can play around with multiple shades, and tones without ever leaving the red wheel. To give your mouth that holiday pout she suggested using Too Faced lipstick.

“The lipstick shade is called “metallic crimson red.” It’s shiny like those your Christmas tree ornaments,” Rook states.

However if Too Faced is out of your budget, she suggested that you use one from NYX Professionals.

Once your lips are set, move up to those lovely cheeks. To make your cheeks look as shiny and whimsical as Frosty The Snowman, Rook’s suggests using Smashbox Holidaze. Rook loves its selection of contouring colors and the beautiful highlighter. To add some color to your upper cheeks, Rook suggests using Urban Decay’s Elements Space.

With your face is done, you can now spend time on your eyes. While you can always add a simple black eyeliner with your red lip, you can add some flair to your eyes.

Rook loves ColourPop eyeshadow pallet, Fortune Pressed Powder. She enjoys that the pallet has so many shades of red to match your mood- whether your mood is bold or soft.

“Another pallet that I’m in love with is Storybook Cosmetics, pallet, Wizardry and Witchcraft. The pallet has such rich color of reds and bonus it has some great shades to use for New Year’s Eve,” Rook shares.

Grab your favorite shade of red and change your everyday makeup look into a holiday look.