So parents create Christmas eve boxes together for their children, but what about us? Don’t we deserve a little treat to ourselves besides those Santa cookies? You can make your box or exchange boxes with your friends.

Miniature Bottles of Alcohol: You can grab a few bottles of bourbon, tequila or vodka- whatever you please. You can add these liqueurs to your favorite holiday juice or coffee.

5 Dollar Holiday Movies: We all have those holiday movie classics. From “White Christmas” to “Miracle on 34th Street” to “Home Alone.” My personal favorite it a collection of old holiday movies from the 1930’s and 1940’s that includes, “Hectors Hectic Life,” “Christmas Comes But Once A Year” and “Somewhere In Dreamland.” So treat yourself and watch it on repeat.

Fluffy Slippers: Let’s walk around the house on clouds. You can purchase simple white fluffy slippers or reindeer themes slippers.

Christmas Theme Mug: Let’s drink our drinks in a frosty the snowman or Santa Claus mug. You can find one in the dollar section of Target or at your local Dollar Tree Store.

Facial Mask: Something with the scent of peppermint, or evergreen trees or shoot even eggnog, will remind you that the holiday is just one night away. Plus your face will be nice and fresh come Christmas morning.

Matching Pajamas: Matching pajamas are not things that every adult has. Treat yourself to some red, green, silver or blue pajamas. Bonus your Instagram stories will look quite professional with you in matching nightwear.

So grab a box, put these treats in, and open them the night before Christmas.