Last month, I flew to Poland. The trip was last minute, and I was on a budget. So I searched for some deals and came across, WOW. WOW is a new airline, that was established in 2012.

Now, the airline business is not a money making business. Airlines are consistently operating at a loss. With labor unions and cost, fuel costs, and with aircraft rents and ownership. However, they need customers, and are always trying to give us a “deal.”

So, I saw WOW deal and took a chance on them. I knew a deal like that would mean that the flight wouldn’t be a luxurious one but I thought my money would go towards something. No, my money gave me an uncomfortable seat for several hours.

WOW airlines does not offer anything for free. No coffee or water for free. When people are flying internationally, they get thirsty. Yes, the addition of coffee and water for free will add purchasing and inventory costs, however, WOW then can charge more. They were cheaper than the next airline by $400.

They charged for every piece of baggage. I mean, even the suitcase, I took onto the plane with me. The charge was around $69. A bit high, and unnecessary.

Now, WOW airlines does have a friendly staff. The staff is dressed in bright pink outfits, which resemble something out of a 1950’s show. Their staff is a strong selling point for them. The staff knew people were not comfortable and did their best, to be cheerful and helpful.

So, if WOW adds a bit more to the experience with a slight increase in price, I would fly them again. However, until then, I would just use them for local flights (flights that are three hours or less).

Let’s see if WOW does actually become a WOW experience.