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Dedication: This piece is dedicated to my lovely travel buddy Anadelia.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to take trips with friends.  Trips in general are fun and doing it with friends is even better. I am not talking about a quick weekend getaway. I am talking about going to another state or country. How can you ensure your vacation with friends won’t go awry? Well….

First, go with a small group. Fewer than three people are best. This is a situation where the more is not the merrier.

Second, talk about destinations at least 9 months in advance. Talk about a couple of places you both want to go to and start eliminating.

Third, you know your temperate and what will irritate you. Pick a friend(s) that will compliment that temperate. For example, I love to take my time in the morning so I will not travel with someone that has an itinerary while on vacation.

Fourth, establish the money situation beforehand. Do they need to keep everything 50/50 or are they more relaxed? Whose card will hotels, dinners, etc., be charged on.

Fifth, purchase plane tickets while on the phone together. So there is no mistake on flights.

Traveling with friends can be dangerous but if played right it will be a great life experience.

Hugs and Smiles,