If you have any youth in your family, you will find yourself in a theme park during summer. Theme parks are meant to be fun, joyous places, however, it can create a ball of anxiety. The parking, the junk food, the big crowds, and it never fails, someone is going to cry.

First, remember that kids just want to have fun and be heard. Make sure each kid has their adult representative. What does that mean? There has to be one adult that loves crazy roller coasters for your thrill seeker child. There has to be one adult that is okay sitting and walking around for the kid that doesn’t like rides.

Second, bring a backpack, not a cute bag. So I am an aunt, not mother and I think I could look cute, and I don’t need “mom” gear. Big mistake. Kids don’t want to hold their stuff and truthfully you know they are going to lose their stuff animal they just won. Bring a backpack with some items: snacks, jacket, water, more water, tissue, and hand sanitizer.

Finally, plan it out. Especially if you are going to Disneyland, Legoland, or Disney World.
Large theme parks can be daunting. Map out which areas, you want to see, what areas the kids want to see, where you will eat, where the bathrooms are, etc. This will help relieve some of your anxiety.

Theme parks are a part of life with kids. So enjoy the roller coaster, cotton candy, and the overpriced drinks. It will be over before you know it.