These last past months I have been more dedicated to my exercise sessions for my mental health. However, the holidays always give me a slew of travels; so, my routine often gets thrown off balance. Before I dive into my tips, I have to admit, that I only exercise three times a week. That is my magic number to keep my focus. However, that means I only have to find three times a week to work out.

Plan Ahead: Look at your week or month ahead and schedule your workout sessions beforehand. Book that class, and add it to your calendar. That way, every time you are planning your next meeting, you will see you already have a work out session planned and have to work around that. This will also, allow you to see when you can work out without ruining your travel plans.

Give Yourself Grace: I live in the Bay Area, where there is an event every night. I love doing Soulcycle, and sometimes they just don’t have a class that fits my schedule. I also travel to Texas every year to see my sister. So there will be a week or two that I could do only two work out sessions. Give yourself credit for going those two times and move on.

Change Up Your Exercise Routine: This I took from my husband, Nicholas. He loves to run. He also takes a dance class. But when we are in Texas, we are tempted to stay in the warm house and just play with our nieces and nephew. However, he makes time to not only get a run in but goes with our nephew who does cross country. So they both continue with their runs and have some bonding time. I do ab work, and the best part is my nieces play my cheerleaders with “Go, Auntie Nicole, one more!” I think ten-year-olds make the best fitness coaches.

Rest If You’re Sick: We all know that the cold weather brings on the flu season. If you happened to get sick, allow yourself to rest, and get better. I cannot push it, because it will just make me sicker, and then I am sick on Christmas Day. My nieces don’t have time for that. They want their “Auntie Nicole’s Ultimate Hot Chocolate.”

Continuing your work out sessions during the holidays isn’t impossible. It just takes some focus, and you have it.