Christmas bills are paid, Superbowl is over, and now it’s time to think about taxes. But wait! Valentine’s Day is coming. Don’t be the “pick up a card and chocolates from the drug store on the way home from work” chick.  Don’t be the “sex is your gift” girl (although I doubt he would complain). Be creative this Valentine’s Day and think outside the gift box. Here are some creative gift ideas to give him this year.

1. Together Time:
No doubt about it- time is money. It’s the most valuable thing you can share with someone. Plan a date- without planning anything. Once, my husband and I had a four hour lunch. The restaurant had amazing food and the staff was really cool about it us staying so long (some may not be as cool though). We had nowhere to be. We just talked and ate slowly and even watched some funny YouTube videos. Like I said, time is money- and the wisest thing to do with money is to invest it in something valuable and important. Invest in your love.

2. DIY gift cake:
So I’m sure you’ve seen those diaper cakes at baby showers that always put your Babies R Us gift card to shame, right. It’s not a special crafters only skill to create a gift cake. I promise you can do it!

  • Start with a six pack of his favorite beer, or soda.
  • Grab two magazines you know he’ll love (I went with UFC and Guns and Ammo).
  • Swing by a craft store such as Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and grab some $1 ribbon, or spend a little extra for that personal touch and get the football print or John Deere ribbon.
    • Take your ribbon and tie a bow around the six pack with the magazines in the back.
  • Add a couple of candy bars and jerky and you’re good to go! Protein bars and nuts work well too. This is budget friendly and great for those “don’t get me anything” guys.


3. I Love You notes:
This could turn into a tradition that you will cherish. Choose a special number that represents something meaningful; such as the number of years you have been together or the year that you got married. I got married in 2011, so let’s use 11. On Valentine’s Day plan out 11 reasons why you love him so much. Throughout the day, text or email the notes until you have sent them all. This may be cheesy but it’s usually the first list the therapist a marriage counselor will ask you to make.

4. Get Away!:
Get away from all the stress and distractions of life and enjoy a night somewhere beautiful and fun. Enjoy each other. This may cost a bit more, but it’s an investment…remember?

As a parent, birthdays lose points on the priority scale every year and anniversaries are a family celebration.

Make Valentine’s Day special by creating your own traditions and writing your own rules on romance.