Do you hDSC_0122ave kids? No! Me neither. But I do have nieces and nephews and I do remember the special treats my parents gave me on Valentines’ Day.

Remember your kids need some love too on this special day. Valentine’s Day can be brutal on a child.

Share Your Love Through Poetry:  You are raising a kid in the time of technology. So use Google, to find a poem that expresses your love. It doesn’t have to be in-depth or artsy-just something simple. Write that poem in a card, on a canvass or record yourself reciting the poem and send it to your kid via text message.

Have Hearts For Dinner: Let’s face it; if you have little ones, your significant other and you probably cannot go out for dinner. So…let’s make dinner a little fancier for everyone. Use cookie cutters to make some of yoDSC_0140ur dinner items into the shape of hearts. Go super crazy and make the whole dinner red.





Something Useful and Red: If your baby is not a baby…you know…over the age of 13, then give them something practical and red. For example: a scarf, a hat, socks, boxers, undershirts or pajamas. I still wear my heart pajama pants and socks my parents gave me.

Frame Your LoveDSC_0138: This idea is great for any age. In the time of instant photos, we rarely have prints anymore. Every photo is on Instagram or on our phone. Print a photo and put it in a cute frame. Trust me, even if your son is 11 and rolls their eyes at you. They will cherish that photo when they are older.

Hugs and Smiles,

Please make your child give everyone in their class a Valentine’s Day card. No favorites.