Traveling during the winter months can be a joyous time. However, one of the things that cause me some problems is the packing. Winter clothes are heavier than summer clothes; and, with airlines charging for every bag, you have to use magic tricks to get around the hefty cost.

First and foremost, instead of Nick and I taking two separate suitcases, I try to fit everything in one big suitcase. This gives us an extra suitcase to use just in case.

Secondly, I tackle the two heaviest items first. Before I start packing my other items.

I usually have to take two to three pair of boots with me, depending on how cold and how much snow is where I am going. I make a point to wear my heaviest boots on the plane. Which is usually my uggs. I then put the other two pair of boots in a separate gym bag. I then put Nick’s shoes in the gym bag as well. If we keep the bag just with shoes, we don’t have to check in that bag and can bring it on the plane as a carry-on.

I like to give myself options. So I usually take two coats and a sweater. I will wear a coat on the plane. Stuff the sweater in my backpack, just in case I need to put it on under my coat and fold the other coat neatly. I will put that coat in first in the suitcase, before anything else.

Finally, I do not bring my backpack AND my laptop bag. I put as much as I can in my backpack and leave my laptop bag at home. I also either put my purse in the suitcase or my backpack.

Remember this is the holiday season. So don’t let little things like packing make you upset. Worse case scenario, pack a simple black coat. It matches with everything and fits most cities/towns fashion culture. Happy packing!