Being born in 1985 puts me the right smack down in the middle of the Millennial generation. Now, as with most generations, we have our pros and cons. We can master technology pretty well but refuse to pick up a phone to make a phone call. But nothing makes me feel more like a millennial then when I’m in the workplace.

Apparently, managing my generation is something very few people have mastered. I really don’t get it, cause we are not Martians or anything. Our values are just different. If you find yourself managing millennials remember these two words: “growth” and “passion”. Write them down everywhere and anywhere.

My fellow millennials and I are a little egotistical, but in a good way, and want to know how is this job going to make us grow. What skills, experiences, and mentors can we gain from this role? Basically, each job is setting us up for the next job. Oh side note: this isn’t a long-term marriage y’all. You will lose us in three, five years max. Deal with it. You can cry about or you can enjoy us while you have us. This isn’t a bad thing. You have a whole generation of people that want to grow. We don’t want to check in and check out, like robots. We want to learn from the people around us. If we can’t grow from you, then we leave. Simple as that.

Passion is big for us. We want to live a well-balanced life. Fun and work. Maybe we are more aware that we are going to die eventually and refuse to have our last thoughts be, “I should have done….”. Our work has to speak to our passion. Yes, it is up to us to find a job that sparks our passion. We want to be excited about work, and a paycheck isn’t the main source of that excitement.

Also, pay close attention here. This is huge. K, you listening, great. A few months back, I went to a marketing conference at Netflix and one of the speakers said, “millennials can smell bullshit.” Everyone laughed because it’s true. We are the masters of calling your bluff. You want us? Sell us your job, sell us your company, sell us on you. I never go to an interview thinking, “Oh, I hope they like me.” I think to myself, “I better like them.” We interview you too: from your posture, to your clothing, to your vocabulary, to your jokes, to your pitch. This tells us whether we can  grow from you and if this job something we can be passionate about.

We are not little freaks running around on social media. We can be some of your best employees and we will even show you how to use your phone. See, everyone wins.